Baghouse Meets Special Application Requirements

During the first quarter of 2013, Air Equipment Company was awarded a large dust collector project for a major aluminum recycling plant in Kentucky.  CAMCORP whom we represent, provided the dust collector Baghouse.

Three CAMCORP pulse-jet baghouses, each with (256) 12 ft. long bags are installed at this aluminum can recycling facility, one of the largest of its kind in the world.  The process involves melting down of used aluminum cans into ingots which are then reprocessed to make new cans.  While the actual operation is totally proprietary, the aluminum oxides and dusts emitted called for a uniquely engineered dust collection system.  Specifically, the requirements included:

  • Each baghouse was to be rated for an initial air volume of 20,000 cfm (60,000 cfm total) with extra capacity to eventually control 26,000 cfm each (78,000 cfm total). Engineered review  of existing customer bag type and length so bags and cages could be used in OTHER DUST COLLECTORS at the site! (common 12 ft. bags and cages for other existing collectors. A cost savings sales approach!)
  • All three baghouses were constructed and mounted within a common structural steel support frame, all  designed and fabricated by CAMCORP.  As you can see, the support legs were significantly increased in height to accommodate discharge of the collected dust through CACMORP provided rotary airlocks and chutes down into super sacks for waste removal. That included walk in plenums, and stairs to the top of the  clean air plenum (approximately 55 feet high.)
  • At the far left-hand side of the baghouse ensemble, note the complex, engineered set of platforms and stairways designed and fabricated by CAMCORP.
  • Explosion Venting was included but the customer deemed it necessary to use their own preferred supplier.  They performed the application specific calculations and then the vents were supplied to CAMCORP for installation into the units in our plant.
  • Due to harsh conditions in and around the plant environment, a special paint was specified and applied by CAMCORP.
  • A registered PE stamp was required for all structural and loading condition calculations and was provided by CAMCORP.
  • And last, but not least, an absolute guaranteed delivery date to meet with the customer’s plant shutdown schedule was mandated.  And CAMCORP complied.

Excellent communication and cooperation, throughout the whole proposal process, between CAMCORP and Air Equipment Company helped as there were many modifications to the RFQ and constantly changing deadlines.  Great teamwork is always the winning combination!

Air Equipment Company and CAMCORP met with all of the requirements and delivered the equipment to the site as scheduled.  The installation went flawlessly and (as of May of 2014) the customer has expressed extreme satisfaction with our performance in all regards.  With Air Equipment Company follow up, the customer has promised to keep us posted of the project progress, now in total operation.  Another example of Air Equipment Company and CAMCORP going to great extremes to satisfy our customer’s most specific and stringent needs, and a great success story again.