Munters DOAS with Energy Recovery – Product Upgrade

The Munters DryCool ERV product provides 100% outdoor air to the space that will be drier than the typical make-up air unit (MAU), while at the same time using less energy than the standard MAU.

The DryCool ERV achieves this by combining the lower supply air dew points of desiccant dehumidification technology with the energy efficiency of total energy recovery. The DryCool ERV unit not only provides the required ASHRAE ventilation volumes but also monitors and controls the space at design moisture levels via a space humidistat.

The DryCool ERV is not a new product for Munters, but they have recently made some modifications to the design, making the latest generation of the product the best yet!

The new ERV has many advantages over previous versions:

  • Units come standard with a digital compressor for leaving air dewpoint control.
  • The react fan and exhaust fans are separate fans in the ERV.  Each fan comes standard with a VFD, which allows independent control and results in winter fan energy savings compared to the previous units.
  • Unit can have variable supply and exhaust airflow, whereas the previous units were constant airflow only.
  • Exhaust airflow rate can be as low as 50% of supply airflow rate (and lower in VAV applications), whereas previous units were limited to 70%.
  • DH wheel is in counter-flow configuration, which is more efficient than the parallel flow of the previous units.

So how is the DryCool Energy Recovery Ventilator DOAS the most economical way to introduce Outside Air air into a space at room neutral temperatures and low dewpoints? Check it out on a Psychrometric Chart:

For more info on the DryCool ERV, contact us or check out the link below.

Munters DryCool ERV