Bowling Green High School Renovation

Project Cost: $27,800,000

Architect: Ross Tarrant

MEP Design Firm: CMTA

Mechanical Contractor: Ernie Davis


Real estate for natatorium’s HVAC equipment was at a premium as the building’s layout and construction did not allow for traditional systems. Even with the space constraints, quality energy efficient systems that provided superior indoor air quality were still a requirement.


Because of the location in the mezzanine, only a small equipment footprint was available. AEC’s split system design allowed the us to break the system into 6-row cooling coil digital scroll compressors for low turndown. ERV 4200 CFM was split system with energy recovery wheel. Small footprint digital scroll compressors for turndown to 10% capacity. 10,000 CFM total split systems with HGRH for dehumidification. Owner and engineer had previously had bad experience with non-factory controls, AEC provided factory BACnet controller that simplified the construction, start up and commissioning.


  • AAON Energy Recovery Ventilator with integral BACnet controls
  • AAON Split System Mixed Air Handling Units and remote condensing units with Natatorium Pool Unit provided by AEC
  • 52 Ton LG VRF System with Energy Recovery.

Phase one included adding about 90,000 gross square feet to the school with a two-story structure containing most of the school’s classroom space. Students will use this portion of the building while the rest of the school is remodeled in phase two. Phase two renovations include additional class­rooms, a new 700-seat auditorium and auxiliary gym and a replacement for the school’s natatorium.