University of Kentucky Medical Center – Pavilion A


The threat of external crises such a chemical attacks, pandemics and mass casualty events coupled with the changes required due to clinical and technological advances drove the owner and design team to incorporate maximum flexibility in the HVAC systems so the building could dynamically adapt and evolve.


In just two and a half days, Pavilion A facilities team was able to change 100 patient rooms over to AIIR.


Phoenix Controls venturi valves were utilized in patient rooms to allow for accurate control of temperature and pressurization control in patient rooms. Furthermore, because of the flexibility, acute care rooms were able to be converted to isolation rooms with minimal effort and impact on the building occupants. When the COVID pandemic struck in 2020 the University converted two entire floors to 100% outside air, negatively pressurized isolation rooms, with active pressure monitors, with very little disruption.

ABB variable frequency drives were utilized on fans, air handling units and pumps throughout the building to provide accurate control, energy savings and reliable operation and redundancy.

ClimateCraft custom air handling units serve area throughout the building. These units, built to the rigorous construct standards required in healthcare facilities, provide for 24/7/365 reliable operation and maximum downtime. When humidity is not properly controlled, virus transmission becomes a greater threat.

Condair adiabatic humidifiers, isothermal humidifier and RO systems humidify the air and help the university maintain a healthy environment which protects to occupants of the building.